We have been working on Meghdut for quite some time now and have worked with couple of organizations to test out the alpha version. Now things are a bit more mature and we would like to test it out with even more users. As a part of the process, we are announcing our public beta.

Now anyone can go to our site www.meghdut.io and create an account. You will be able to check out a demo analysis for a fictional Ecommerce data set. If you want to try it out for your organization, shoot an email to info@meghdut.io. We would listen to your requirement, help you to model your data and integrate with our API and finally will show your how to meet them from Meghdut Dashboard. And we would not charge a dime for that.

To wrap up, you should use Meghdut if you want to track your business metrics in real time and do not want to waste your valuable time on manual data manuevering. Create an account in Meghdut and check out what are doing.

Meghdut's beta announcement in Press

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